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Clothes for swing dancing
verfasst von: tyra am 16.05.2004, 19:05 Uhr
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Kleider What to wear for Lindy Hop dancing? You will find as many opinions about that topic as you will find Lindy Hop dancers…. In either case there is one thing which is most important about clothes for dancing: you must feel comfortable with what you wear. In the following we try to give you an idea, what you can wear when you go dancing in Switzerland.
It is advisable to wear light and washable cloths as you normally sweat a lot during Lindy Hop dancing. In Switzerland, people wear casual cloths like T-Shirts and light trousers on a normal and small dance event. A few years ago, when Lindy Hop parties were rare, the people used to dress up more. Today people only dress up for special events, the men wearing Zoot Suits and the women nice trousers, skirts or dresses. High heel shoes are not advisable for women except if you are really used to dance in them. In special circles, for examples at the events from Dames Don't Care, the people dress up in 30's or 40's.