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Ready, Steady… Blues! Beginner WS, ZH
Sunday, 3. June 2018, 13:00 Uhr
Blues Dancing Beginner Workshop

Learn the basics of Blues Dancing in a 3-hours intensive workshop.

You like blues music but you’re not sure if blues dancing is your thing? You already had a taster but it was too short? You would like to join the regular classes but have never danced blues before? Or you just want to refresh your basics?

Then join us on Sunday, June 3rd, and immerse yourself in blues dancing over an afternoon. We will focus on learning the fundamentals of blues dancing and give you some tools to get ready for the next party.
If you are still not sure about it, join a taster class the day before at the Blues House Party.

Details and registration:

Zirkusquartier Zürich
Flurstrasse 85
8047 Zürich